Welcome to the provisional Rotary E-Club of Sunset Coast!

We are the first E-Club based in Western Australia, but open to members based anywhere in the world. Our planning and bulk of our interactions are conducted online (currently via a Facebook group), but our projects and other activities are that of a regular Rotary club.

We hope to charter in coming months.

Thinking of joining?

Your can learn more about Rotary and our club specifically through the public pages of this site, and if you would like to be a part of us, you are encouraged to apply to become a member. Please leave a message on our Facebook page if you are interested in joining.

For Visiting Rotarians

As we are still only a provisional club, we can’t yet offer online make-ups. However, we are busy building up interesting make-up material so that we are ready to offer make-ups as soon as we have received our charter, so please check back in a month or two.